Be Commercially Aware With Wearable Technology (lecture based course)

Date: 27/05/2014

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Ravensbourne

Part of Ravensbourne’s Rave Shorts courses, this course we will introduce you to the world of wearable technology and e-textiles, giving an overview of the current field and its future. In this second session of this course we will discuss commercially available wearables, manufacturing and future visions for this field. We will cover how this industry is changing and what opportunities lay ahead of young designers and creatives. Ideally you will have also attended the Rave Short called “Wearable Technology – An Introduction” before attending this course, this will insure you have a good grounding on what is the latest and the most cutting edge use of wearable technology.

The course format is a 45-minute lecture followed by a Q&A and group discussion led by Codasign tutor, Melissa Coleman.

You will take away from this course a general overview of wearable technologies and how they are currently used within industry, you will also gain an understanding of what is cutting edge at the moment and what developments are expected on the horizon. You will also gain an understanding of how to be commercially aware and you will learn about the concepts, designs as well as materials and the technology behind current wearable technology.

Please bring a notepad or laptop with you to take notes.

You can book your place through Rave Shorts.




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