London Learning Creative Learning Reading Group


Last year the MIT Media Lab opened up their Learning Creative Learning course module to the entire world. They streamed and archived the lectures and published the syllabus. The MIT Media Lab is the home of great education projects like Scratch and MaKey MaKey and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group within the Media Lab.

The course module “introduces ideas and strategies for designing technologies to support creative learning” and is conducted over 11 sessions with most of the sessions having about 1 hour of video lecture.

The online course isn’t being run again this spring, but all the material from last year is still online. We were going to host an internal reading group for Codasign instructors to study this module together, but realised there may be others that would like to join.

We will be hosting a group that meets every 2 weeks for 1.5-2 hours per session. The venue will be determined by the number of people who would like to join. This is intended as professional development for educators, so we will be holding the sessions towards the end of the working day, probably around 5pm – details to be confirmed through consensus of those that would like to take part. There will be no cost and Codasign will even provide tea and coffee. Codasign will also provide the materials and tools for the course activities.

If you are interested in joining, just join the mailing list  and we’ll continue the discussion around organisation there.