What we’ve been up to over the Autumn so far….

IMG_9304_essWe’ve had a super busy time over the last month with public events and wanted to update you with our adventures!

In September we took part in Be Part of the Art at Watermans Art Centre on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th, a weekend full of events including soft circuit workshops by us, a community mapping activity by Subject to Change and an immersive theatre experience by Bootswork Theatre. For our activity we taught people how to make their very own light-up brooch using conductive materials which they could take away with them and wear as a piece of jewellery!







IMG_9230_es IMG_9250_es

We also had our MaKey MaKeys with us and had a table setup where people could design their very own interactions. Play-doh pianos were the favourite by far on this day!


On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd we were VERY busy with events at both the V&A and the Tate Britain.

We collaborated with a group of young people from Tate Collectives to make an event in the Rose Wylie room of the Tate Britain, as part of Loud Tate, which incorporated interactive visual art pieces created by one of our brilliant tutors, composer Ron Herrema, as well as a drop in workshop space to make play-doh drawings to use with MaKey MaKeys! Ron also created an interactive Twitter stream under the theme of the day, Pendulum (see first image at the top).

IMG_9327_es IMG_9348_es IMG_9362_es

The day was a big success with people of all ages participating and creating wonderful things as well as interacting with Ron’s work.

As well as Loud Tate, We were also at the V&A as part of their Digital Design Weekend, with a stand demonstrating how you can be creative with computing using MaKey MaKeys and conductive objects such as mushrooms, tin foil drums and conductive paint drawings! Becky, Liat and Kelly all worked very hard to create awesome interactions for this, including drawing tongue twister words using Bare Conductive’s conductive paint to use as conductive triggers.

IMG_9421_es IMG_9407_es IMG_9409_es

The weekend was awesome! We had a great time and created lots of smiley faces with the stand so all was good.

We’ve already participated in a couple of  big events this month including The Great British Node Conference on October 8th, and The Big Draw yesterday, but we will tell you all about them in another blog post soon….Thanks for reading! 🙂