Processing and Twitter Workshop, Tutorial and Review of Cool Projects

Coming Soon: Twitter and Processing workshop: London, 29th Sept 2013


Twitter is a hub of information, news and opinion. It is also ever-changing, with an average of 5,700 new tweets per second – around 500 million every day.

One way to make sense of all this information is to visualise it using Processing. Processing is a fantastic interactive programming environment – and it is particularly good for visualising information.

We have just published a new Processing and Twitter tutorial and will be running a workshop in London in late September. To accompany these, we are going to take a look at a few interesting Twitter & Processing projects out there.

NB: We have provided links to more information on each project where we can. Otherwise, the original authors can be identified from the videos.

Tweet Visualisation on London Map

This project displays the location of tweets in London graphically on a map of London.

More Info:

Visualisation of Air Travel Using Twitter Information

In this project, the phrase “Just landed in…” is searched for on Twitter and a graphical arc is drawn from the users home town to the location in which they have just arrived.

More info:

Music Selector in Processing that Auto-Tweets the Current Song

This project has a music selector developed in Processing that automatically tweets the current song being played. For an extra nice effect, an Arduino is used to visualise some of the music!

Energy Conservation Alert Experiment

This project mocks up two energy sources (using touch OSC) and automatically tweets if one of the sources reaches a certain level.


If you’d like to do something like this yourself, either check out our tutorial, or come to our workshop in London on Sept 29th!