DIY Bike Glove Workshop Coming up!

DIY Bike Indicator GLove

Ever felt that it would be super useful to have LEDs flashing in your gloves when cycling to bring more attention to your movements? We have, and so decided that it would be great to run a workshop in how to make your very own bike gloves, on which you can trigger LEDs just through the press of a button. Perfect timing with the winter months looming.

This workshop is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of how to sew a circuit and how to create technology embedded clothing which can be used in our everyday lives. We will cover how to work with conductive thread and conductive fabric, how to solder components to make them sewable and give an insight into basic electronics and working with the 555 timer.

Two very nice examples of cycling related e-textile projects are  Irene Posch’s Early Winter Night Biking Gloves and Lea Buechley’s Turn Signal Biking Jacket. There are also many bike and cycling clothing related hacks on Instructables for you to take a look at for inspiration.

You can sign up here to our workshop on Sunday 29th September at the Centre for Creative Collaboration. Please email us via [email protected] if you have any questions!