Codasign is Hiring Workshop Instructors and Assistants

Greg TeachingCodasign is hiring new workshop instructors and assistants! We teach interactive technologies to artists in a number of galleries around London – adults along with children between the ages of 6 and 12. Are you confident with programming environments like Processing and Scratch? Or perhaps basic electronics like Arduino, soft circuits and MaKey MaKey are more your thing? If these platforms are up your street, why not apply?

We pay workshop instructors and assistants an hourly wage for workshops taught. Most workshops are held during evenings and weekends.

To apply, introduce yourself by email to [email protected] before March 29th end of April 1, 2013. Please include:

  • CV in PDF form
  • links to documentation of relevant projects that you have done
  • preferably links to some of your code online
  • tell us
    • whether you are applying for the workshop instructor or assistant position
    • which types of workshops you would be able to teach or assist

Job Requirements

Workshop Instructor: will teach primarily novices with no experience in programming or electronics in groups of 6 to 15. Depending on the role, may be teaching adults and/or children.

  • Experience of public speaking or teaching in some form (required)
  • Experienced in at least one of the following: Processing, Arduino, basic electronics, Scratch (required)
  • Comfortable using git, mercurial or some form of version control (preferred)

Assistant: supports the workshop instructor and addresses individual questions during the workshop. Needs to be familiar enough with the content to answer the most common questions and be able to troubleshoot issues.

  • At intermediate level in at least one of the following: Processing, Arduino, basic electronics, Scratch (required)